Acer Aspire One, OH so cute ^_^

today, my sister bought a cute Acer Aspire One netbook. plus, purple color makes it super cute, wow!!!! ^_^ the price? guess what! wow too!!!!..crazy price RM899. ram 1gb, hdd160gb, ok what!!

My New Deuter Backpack & Wireless @ KL

Finally, my internet is back today. :)
Last sunday, i went to KL with a friend. Bought some stuff and a bit of sightseeing. First, we went to Lowyat Plaza (LYP) and bought some computer stuffs. There was a cute sakura tree near LYP.

Then, to Pertama Complex to buy a new backpack. My existing one already old and worn out. At 1st, i confused to choose which one. So many models, i became pening :@

This one is big and cheaper, but ugly design. Deuter Giga. Price: RM190 ^_^                                      

This one a bit smaller and expensive but smart-cuter design, plus has rain cover for rainy days. Deuter Trans Alpine 25. Price? RM250 @_@

After a bit discussion with my friend, alas i decided to buy the 2nd one. Here goes my precious papers, tata titi tutu :-(  but in exchange i got a very cute backpack ^_^. very satisfied..

Then, time to go home. He went home already but i still waiting for my midnight ride at Pudu. Then, i took out my laptop and try my luck for any wifi around. Surprisingly, wireless @ KL was in reach, and after register, straight i can use it. Kudos to P1 for offering this great free service. Waiting bus will never be boring as before. Yay ^_^.. Anyway, cute logo for wireless @ KL
Finally, the bus leaving sharp on 12 am. They are quite punctual nowadays. Just my opinion though..

My Wonderpets

Hello guys, introducing my cute wonderpets.

First, there are bunch of chicks, very cute, just bought this morning,

Cute little Baby Moon & P1 Wimax :D

tonight i look at the sky, the 'baby moon' very beautiful. so, i took a picture of it. i wonder what we call the lone star below the moon is? anyone can tell me?

alas, my streamyx sudah kena potong. meanwhile, i just tumpang my brother's P1 Wimax, also took the picture:

but i don't plan to subscribe it due to bad rating of current users. i hope my streamyx will come back faster, haiz :-|


My Cute New Phone ^_^

Today i got my new phone. very cute one, compared to my boring old phone. Take a look below:

old one, i call "Boring Blue" -_-

new one, cute is it? i call "Yankee Yellow" ^_^

Surprisingly, i can still use my streamyx, though they cut it already. I think its gonna be ok as long i don't switch off my modem. Hooray for me, still can online tonight, fuhhh :D



Tommorow, I gonna "potong" itu streamyx & my phone line also. maybe 1 week don't have streamyx. must be boring la like this...don't worry la, temporary only. the reason is i want to change line owner and downgrade to OKU package, very damn cheap la, 512k for RM44, phone rent RM1 only, of coz can't miss this golden chance. The downside is i have to potong the line and make new one coz difference in current owner and OKU card owner name. All I can say is that TM system very weak la! Cannot change owner on the spot. Need to terminate existing line in order to do this. Currently on Streamyx Combo 110. I won't pay RM110 per month for their lousy service anymore especially after last week incident. Sighz <_<

Regarding last week incident, i wanna tell u all. I got problem with phone line, no dial tone, can streamyx but weak signal especially upload. Already made report to their customer service (CS) last sunday, but till today still no appropriate action from them. Only received calls from their staff asking about the problem settle or not. What use of it!!! The problem is still not fixed and no single technician come to my house to take a look. I feel frustrated by this disappointing service. Last time, they can settle within 2 working days only, but now took forever!!! I notice that their CS system is better, but like this also no use la, late settle problem. Like i always said, "...just go down below my feet la :@".


A New Light of Hope

2010?¿! hmm i wonder what content it will have, as for me is a not so good start, but still plausible coz finally can get out of the not so responsible company. 2 Months worth of salary but still not receive it till now, of coz that make me and my ex-colleagues very furious. Hell what! One of the Boss bought a Ferrari during this difficult time and one more still has nerve to go Pilgrimage. This is definitely something suspiciously happen. Instead of using the money for personal matters like above, why don't just pay our outstanding salaries!!! Although reported to Labor Department (LD), this still don't resolve anything, as the big bosses keep avoiding calls from the LD Officer. I only want say this to them, "...just go down below my feet :@"

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