Acer Aspire One, OH so cute ^_^

today, my sister bought a cute Acer Aspire One netbook. plus, purple color makes it super cute, wow!!!! ^_^ the price? guess what! wow too!!!!..crazy price RM899. ram 1gb, hdd160gb, ok what!!

Frontal View:

Backside View:

feels like wanna grab one too, but too bad already have a lappy, not gonna waste for an extra :P

usb mouse only at RM2 per unit. thats crazy too :

cute mouse btw ;)

all these craziness come from grand opening of a pc shop at Kuantan. If u happen to be around there, maybe u need to check this shop, they are doing crazy sales:

A261, Ground Floor, Jalan Beserah,
25300 Kuantan,
Tel/Fax: 09-5671487

i dunno bout the details coz i've not been there yet, only my brother and sister were.
maybe go there tommorow if have free time...

2 loyar baik..:

Alyssa Villamor said...

salam ziarah..
comel nyeee lappy wane purple!
suka sgt2

Matt said...

ya purple is cute ^_^

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