How to make your Firefox browser cute & beautiful ºoº

hi folks, i'm sure many of us use Mozilla Firefox as our main browser, right?currently, i use Firefox 3.5. have you ever feel bored of default firefox skin? Luckily, there is an easy way to change it, but make sure to use Firefox 3.0 or above. Only those are supported now. This is old news already but some of us may not know how to do it. Refer pics below ya ;)

1) first of all, open firefox and go to Tools>Add-Ons

2) Search personas at the search box and press ENTER. Then, click Add To Firefox

 3)  Click Install Now.

4) Click Restart Firefox & Restart. Don't forget to save your works 1st before restarting.

5) After that, just close the Add-Ons box.

6) Now, you can change any themes you like from Tools&Personas menu.

7) See my cute theme now, Foxkeh's Hanabi ^_^

8) Additionally, you can get extra themes by clicking more from or just visit

I hope this can lead you to a happier life :P happy browsing and have fun!!! ^_^

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Cikgu Dahlia said...

nice!! i'm trying!!

Matt said...

selamat mencuba, moga jadi lebih ceria ^_^

ika said...

waaa. menarik3. :D

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