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This is review for the anime: Detective Conan

This anime is one of the greatest anime I've ever seen so far. All elements are there. You name it. Suspense, thriller, action, humorous and even informative. The characters are all very cute. >_<

The anime is about a famous teenage detective, Kudou Shinichi. One day, he went to funfair with her childhood girlfriend, Mouri Ran, who is a daughter of a famous detective, Mouri Kogorou. That day brought a miserable fate for this young detective when he is drugged with an unknown poison by a criminal, resulting shrinkage of his body and turn himself into a 9 years old kid. Still, his mind is still in his teenage state.

With this new appearance, he stays with his neighbor, a genius professor, Professor Agasa. As Professor Agasa adviced, he disguised as Edogawa Conan to hide his presence from the criminal who drugged him. So, the new adventure begins. Conan, as a small detective along with Detective Boys and other characters are about to solve never ending cases and mysteries beyond their expectations.

Download Section:

Good news to all of you, Detective Conan is now available for downloads. Credit goes to Detective Conan Translation Project (DCTP), Anime Conan (AConan) and other related fansub groups for making effort to release quality subbed episodes of this anime. You can visit them at for latest infos and episodes or drop by IRC for their channel: irc://

Below is the download list of Detective Conan episodes. Thanks DCTP for the Episodes links and for Movies links. (This list will be updated from time to time):


Downloader Tips!:
* Use JDOWNLOADER to resume and queue downloads from Megaupload. Get it here.
* JDOWNLOADER requires latest Java version. Download latest Java here.
* For multiparts (.001,.002,.003...) downloads, use HJSPLIT to join the parts into a single file. Get it here.


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zAzZa said...


DaHLia said...

ade member tu pun, memang minat abis laaa dngan det conan ni...jangan kacau diakalo dia tgh dok tgk citer ni, mmg ngamuk..hahaha

Matt said...

tol tu, jgn kaco nanti x psl2 kena haha

joysan said...

nice anime review u got there!!

Matt said...

joysan, thanks for commenting :) hope ur laptop get well soon :)

zaza, hope u enjoy watching conan, its a great series u know ;)

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