A Special Item & “Maulidur Rasul”

Today, I gonna go to KL with my brother to Lowyat Plaza . For me, it’s time for preparation of my next job. While preparing, I stumbled upon a bag. Nearly one year don’t touch it. Already dusty here and there.
P2260544 (Large)
So, what so special about this bag?
P2260547 (Large)  P2260548 (Large)
Wow, it’s convertible. Cute & Cool right? Yeah, it’s true but that is not the main focus now. What I wanna talk about this:
P2260553 (Large) I almost forgot I bought that shirt. As the title says “Save Palestine”. I wonder what they are doing now, especially today is “Maulidur Rasul”. To whom who don’t know, “Maulidur Rasul” is a day to commemorate our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday. I gonna wear this kinda cute and wonderful shirt today.
P2260562 (Large)We in Malaysia are thousands times more lucky from the Palestinians. We should pity them as they are violated by the cruel Zionist regime day by day. We should thankful to our God, Allah for letting us to stay in this peaceful country. Also don’t forget to “Selawat” to our beloved Prophet Muhammad. Let peace upon us all.

O.K, don’t have much time now. About 4am, I’ll depart from here. I’m looking forward to see my beloved friend, Kayree a.k.a Xarine today at KL. See you guys and have a nice day ^_^


SNSD jjang!! Cute Girls Generation strikes back!!

Anyong Haseyo!
So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD), 소녀시대, Girls' Generation, whichever you call them, doesn't matter! Afterall, they are cute and pretty 9-member female pop group from Korea. After big success of their first debut album, Into The New World, they came with cute style in the 1st Mini Album, Gee. Not long after that, 2nd Mini Album, Genie released out with more matured appearance.
snsd-itnw snsd-geesnsd-genie 
This year, they impressed all of us with cute element again. This time, their 2nd album, Oh! mesmerized us again with addictive main song, Oh!  and also with highly sentimental song, 별별별 (Star Star Star).  Frankly, Star Star Star is my favorite song in this album. I can feel the sentimental value  every time I hear it. Simply said, I love all the songs in this album. Marvellous!! Jjang!!
If given chance, I would like to have this album now, want it Genuine and signed!! What should I do? Should I call Genie from the Magic Lamp to grant my wish? Nah, that won’t happen. Luckily, some generous folks from KPOPLIVE.com are making this wonderful contest: SNSD Signed Album Contest!! So, how to win the contest? Just do the steps below:
KPOPLIVE.com said,
“How to win the album?
  • You must retweet/tweet/share on facebook Kpoplive posts.  The more posts you share, , higher the chances you can get picked. You can do this by scrolling to the end of our post.
  • Any 5 posts (which means 3 albums) will be chosen throughout the week, and from that post, a random tweet or facebook share will be chosen.
  • You must become a member of kpoplive, and join our twitter/facebook fan page.
1 album will be given to anyone who can advertise this new blog! How? Maybe connections with a popular kpop youtuber, fan forum admin friend, or basically someone who can tell a lot of people about their chance to win this album can help you receive a SNSD album. To participate in this matter, please e-mail: editors@kpoplive.com
The last prize will be given out randomly. If someone is spotted revealing our website on a random site whether it’s soompi/youtube/fan forum/anything kpop, they will receive the award. Yes, we do have features that can track referral links.”

“Star Star Star”. What kind of star would I get? Hopefully the Lucky Star!. So, let us be there and join this contest especially if you are a Kpop fan like me. Cheers and Good Luck ^_^ . Hwaiting SNSD!!


WARNING!! Bye-bye to your cute New RM50 notes if accidentally washed out!!!

This is really shocking! A mechanical engineer from PJ, Yeoh Jit Shiong, 25, somehow soaked his wallet in washing machine. The result is this:
His new RM50 notes lost its color!! Shockingly enough, old version of RM50 appeared to be still O.K! The quality of the new notes is questionable!

So guys, watch out before washing. Make sure every content is removed from the pockets OR you can say bye-bye to your precious cute notes -_- .

Thanks to Mr.Ferk for highlighting this important issue out ^_^ .


Cute & Tasty Homemade Pizza, nyum nyum :Þ

Nothing is more delicious than a homemade pizza, nyum nyum :Þ . Forgot to take picture before eat :(

This pizza is called "Super Special Chicken Mushroom Pizza". It is specially made by me? No la, I don't know how to cook pizza, eat can la, haha. Actually, it was made by my sister in-law. She gave me not one, but 2 cute pizzas!! Big sized one!!

I tried it and it is very delicious. Even Pizza Hut also cannot compare la, hehe :) I only got two pieces only.   Other pieces my whole family eat them all. Of course la tasty food finished on the spot :Þ.

To my dearest sister in-law, thank you a lot for sponsoring me the pizzas. I really appreciate it ^_^ .


Detective Conan - Reviews & Downloads

This is review for the anime: Detective Conan

This anime is one of the greatest anime I've ever seen so far. All elements are there. You name it. Suspense, thriller, action, humorous and even informative. The characters are all very cute. >_<

The anime is about a famous teenage detective, Kudou Shinichi. One day, he went to funfair with her childhood girlfriend, Mouri Ran, who is a daughter of a famous detective, Mouri Kogorou. That day brought a miserable fate for this young detective when he is drugged with an unknown poison by a criminal, resulting shrinkage of his body and turn himself into a 9 years old kid. Still, his mind is still in his teenage state.

I got flu!! Help Me!!

whoaa!! i got flu today! very hate this, angry too, achummm here and there, with running nose. feel so uncomfortable la. already taken panadol soluble, but still not over yet. help me!! anybody suggest me better medicine for this please!!! thanks..

 I want a cute mask like him -_- !!!!

UPDATE: finally, i'm cured ^_^. I'm feeling grateful. Thanks all.


This blog is now available in Dual Languages (English & Malay)

Greetings to My Fellow Readers,

First of all, I would like to thank you all because visiting my blog so far. As a token of gratitude, starting today, I will turn this blog into dual languages - English & Malay, special for Malay spoken readers out there ^_^.

To translate to Malay, simply click "Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Melayu" “Read More” which is available below of every post.

For other languages, you can simply use "Translate Me!" (Google Translate Tools) for quick translation. It is just that, most of the time, the translation would not be accurate enough, but really can help you to understand most of the content in your own native language.

During this stage, I apologize for any inconveniences or abnormalities caused by the translation process. As usual, any comments or ideas are welcomed.

Thank You.



Blog ini kini terdapat dalam Dwibahasa (Bahasa Inggeris & Bahasa Melayu)

Salam diucapkan kepada Pembaca Setia,

Pertama sekali, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada anda semua kerana sudi melawat blog saya setakat ini. Sebagai tanda penghargaan, bermula hari ini, saya akan menjadikan blog ini kepada Dwibahasa - Bahasa Inggeris (BI) & Bahasa Melayu (BM), khas untuk pembaca yang bertutur dalam BM di luar sana.

Untuk menterjemahkan kepada BM, sila klik "Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Melayu" “Read More” yang terdapat di bawah setiap kiriman.

Untuk bahasa-bahasa yang lain, anda dengan mudahnya boleh menggunakan "Translate Me!" (Alat Penterjemah Google) untuk penterjemahan yang segera. Cuma, selalunya penterjemahan tersebut tidak cukup tepat, namun sesungguhnya dapat membantu anda untuk memahami kebanyakan isi kandungan dalam bahasa ibunda anda.

Pada peringkat ini, saya memohon maaf atas segala ketidakselesaan atau keluarbiasaan yang disebabkan oleh proses penterjemahan ini. Seperti biasa, mana-mana pendapat atau buah fikiran anda dialu-alukan.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Yang Benar,


Change of Template

Dear My Fellow Readers,

I would like to inform that I am changing to a new template because the old template somehow has problem with Internet Explorer. Hereby, I would like to apologize from bottom of my heart for any inconveniences caused during this process. This new template is very different from the previous one, and it takes time for me to familiarize with it. Please be patient. I really appreciate your patience.

By the way, you are most welcomed to comment anything or give any ideas that maybe can improve this blog or benefit us together.

Thank You.



Gong Xi Fa Chai & Cute Giant Lokam

To Chinese folks out there, i wish you Gong Xi Fa Chai! May this Year of Tiger bring prosperity and wealth to all.

Tonight, i went supermarket. Then, i saw this Giant Lokam. Big but cute. Straight I buy.

Really rare. Never see lokam this big before. You see la how big it is compared to normal lokam on the left.

Ok, see u later folks ^_^


Khairi a.k.a Xarine : An inspired engineer who is also a novelist.

*This is a review for the blog:  http://mohdkhairimohd.blogspot.com

Have you ever heard an engineer who write novels? I never heard before until this man done it and promoted his novels at his blog. In the busyness of his work, he still managed to write, not one, but 2 novels so far!! What a great achievement. Congratulations Mr. Khairi!

Xarine, is what he uses as his pen name. His first novel is already released, titled "Bintang-Bintang Ke Syurga" ("Stars Toward Heaven"), with sentimental and heart touching content. His second novel, titled "Yuda di Padang Maya" ("Yuda in The Field of Imaginary") is a mystery thriller novel, and will be officially released on 19/3/2010, according to the publisher's site: Jemari Seni Publishing.

About his main blog, with the theme of "Kecek-Kecek Sendiri" (which means "Self-Talks" in Kelantanese dialect"), he discusses about many interesting things. The way he handles his readers is very nice and friendly, and most of the time, hilarious. It feels just like we are in a Talk Show such as "David Letterman Show" or "AC Di Sini". You may don't want to miss this blog either.

Currently, he is making an interesting contest with 15 prizes to be won, worth RM300!. Hurry, the contest ends on 28/2/2010. So, what are you waiting for? Head to his blog now to get the feel of it and unleashed "some funny sides of life":



Khairi @ Xarine : Seorang Jurutera terinspirasi yang juga seorang penulis novel.

*Ini adalah ulasan bagi blog: http://mohdkhairimohd.blogspot.com

Pernahkan anda mendengar seorang jurutera yang menulis novel? Saya tidak pernah mendengarnya sebelum ini sehinggalah beliau melakukannya dan mempromosikan novel-novelnya di blog beliau. Dalam kesibukan kerjanya, beliau masih mampu untuk menulis, bukan satu, malah dua novel setakat ini! Suatu pencapaian yang sangat hebat! Tahniah Encik Khairi!

Xarine adalah nama pena beliau. Novel pertama beliau, bertajuk "Bintang-Bintang Ke Syurga"yang menyentuh hati dan perasaan, telahpun diterbitkan. Novel kedua beliau, bertajuk "Yuda di Padang Maya" adalah novel misteri yang mendebarkan, dan akan diterbitkan secara rasmi pada 19/3/2010, berdasarkan kepada laman penerbit: Penerbitan Jemari Seni.

Tentang blog utama beliau, yang bertemakan "Kecek-Kecek Sendiri" ("Cakap-Cakap Sendiri" dalam loghat Kelantan), beliau berbincang mengenai pelbagai topik yang menarik. Cara beliau mengendalikan para pembaca adalah sangat baik dan peramah sekali, dan selalunya membuatkan kita tertawa. Rasanya seperti berada di dalam Rancangan Bicara seperti "David Letterman Show" atau "AC di sini". Anda pasti tidak mahu ketinggalan untuk menjenguk blog ini. 

Pada ketika ini, beliau sedang mengadakan Peraduan yang sangat menarik dengan 15 buah hadiah bernilai RM300 untuk dimenangi! Cepat! Peraduan ini akan berakhir pada 28/2/2010. Jadi, usah tertunggu-tunggu lagi! Lawatilah blog beliau sekarang untuk merasakan bahangnya dan menyaksikan "bahagian yang melucukan dalam hidup":

Yang Mengulas,


New Cute Netbooks and Cheapskate Windows 7 Starter -_-

Today, my neighbor asked help from me, to change wallpaper at his newly bought netbook. At first, i think this would be an easy task, since it just changing wallpaper. Then, he showed me his..

"Wow! A red Toshiba, damn cute la" I said :Þ

Later, I found another one!!

Me: and this cute red Acer Ferrari, new too? whose is it?
Him: err..that my father's, yep its new too.

Lol, i thought finished already. Actually, there was one more netbook lying around.

"and what about this cute white Acer aspire one? Your 2nd one? new too?" asked me again
"no la, that is my sister's, yep new, but you know what, both mine and my sister's can't change wallpaper. Why lor? That Ferrari is just doing fine. All use Windows 7 what?" he replied.

Then, the conversation continued:

Me: Hmm, let me check Control Panel for "Display Options". Option for changing wallpaper is usually there.

I checked the Toshiba, hmm no such option??Weird. I'm very sure that i found that option in Windows 7 before. Then, the White Aspire. Same thing. After checking the Ferrari, i realize that the Windows are somewhat not the same. Then, i check the My Computer properties.

Me: Oh, this one use Windows 7 Home Premium la. I can easily change wallpaper here. No Sweat!

Him: Then, check the other two.

Me: O.K!

Then, i checked, both of them was using Windows 7 Starter Edition.

Me:  Lol, Starter Edition only, no wonder la, this windows has very limited functionality, just like the previous Starter Edition Windows. but cannot change wallpaper?? this is really too much, or has I missed anything?? Let me check in the net if this really true or not..

Him: O.K take your time. Meanwhile, i make you a drink.

Me: Gee, thanks, perfect timing!

After surfing around, i found that Microsoft has disabled the option for changing wallpapers in Windows 7 Starter. This is really a shame for Microsoft!! What a cheapskate..
I don't satisfied with this and try to search for a possible workaround.
Bingo! At last, after googling around, I found a brilliant solution.

Me: Hey, I found the answer, gonna try this.

Him: Thats good to hear. Don't forget to take the drink.

Me: Ah, forgot to drink. Thanks.

I tried it and finally, wallpaper can be changed. Tadaa...

Him: You really saves my day. Thanks a lot. ^_^

Me: My pleasure. This is good experience for me too ^_^.

So, that is the story for today. With this, i got a good tips to share with you all, especially to those who are using Windows 7 Starter. Head to here for this useful tips:
How to change wallpaper in windows 7 starter??


Arsenal vs Liverpool = Gunnersaurus vs Liver Bird

To all soccer fans out there, don't miss one of the greatest showdown in EPL tonight at 7.45pm (London Time) / 3.45am  (Malaysia Time)! Arsenal vs Liverpool, or i would say:

We shall see which one will survive this fierce battle, whether the strength of Gunnersaurus Rex or cunningness of Liverbird.

Anyway, i think the mascots are all very cute. If possible, i want to collect all of the EPL mascots. Lovely ♥♥♥♥♥. Simply marvellous!!!

UPDATE: Congratulations Arsenal for winning the match, go go Gunnersaurus!!!
Arsenal (1) Liverpool (0)

Miao in action #1

Yeah, forgot to tell ya, yesterday my cat Miao climbed a coconut tree. I was amazed how can she do that @_@ wow!! apart from that, i'm really worried if she gonna fall down coz she is pregnant and that would cause damage to her future babies!!!!

Can't find her? She is in the red circle below:

"Wait till i have my hands on you, Mr. Squirrel!!!!", Miao said :Þ

still have time to relax up above?? what a cute and brave cat -_-

Don't look below!!!! See, i told ya!!!

finally, question solved. she must be climbing the coconut tree via the tamarind tree besides it. now, she scared and climbed down thru the tree.

Safe Landing, yay!!! Happy Ending ^_^


OGSP (Oil & Gas Safety Passport)

Alas, i got my OGSP after pass with flying colors ^_^. Below is the card pics. Face and name are fake though, i don't wanna blindly disclose my personal details on the net <_<

The exam was easy anyway. Now, i can stop worry about it and can move on to my oncoming job. I'm excited to see what awaits me in the future.


How to make your Firefox browser cute & beautiful ºoº

hi folks, i'm sure many of us use Mozilla Firefox as our main browser, right?currently, i use Firefox 3.5. have you ever feel bored of default firefox skin? Luckily, there is an easy way to change it, but make sure to use Firefox 3.0 or above. Only those are supported now. This is old news already but some of us may not know how to do it. Refer pics below ya ;)

1) first of all, open firefox and go to Tools>Add-Ons

2) Search personas at the search box and press ENTER. Then, click Add To Firefox

 3)  Click Install Now.

4) Click Restart Firefox & Restart. Don't forget to save your works 1st before restarting.

5) After that, just close the Add-Ons box.

6) Now, you can change any themes you like from Tools&Personas menu.

7) See my cute theme now, Foxkeh's Hanabi ^_^

8) Additionally, you can get extra themes by clicking more from or just visit http://www.getpersonas.com

I hope this can lead you to a happier life :P happy browsing and have fun!!! ^_^

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