SNSD jjang!! Cute Girls Generation strikes back!!

Anyong Haseyo!
So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD), 소녀시대, Girls' Generation, whichever you call them, doesn't matter! Afterall, they are cute and pretty 9-member female pop group from Korea. After big success of their first debut album, Into The New World, they came with cute style in the 1st Mini Album, Gee. Not long after that, 2nd Mini Album, Genie released out with more matured appearance.
snsd-itnw snsd-geesnsd-genie 
This year, they impressed all of us with cute element again. This time, their 2nd album, Oh! mesmerized us again with addictive main song, Oh!  and also with highly sentimental song, 별별별 (Star Star Star).  Frankly, Star Star Star is my favorite song in this album. I can feel the sentimental value  every time I hear it. Simply said, I love all the songs in this album. Marvellous!! Jjang!!
If given chance, I would like to have this album now, want it Genuine and signed!! What should I do? Should I call Genie from the Magic Lamp to grant my wish? Nah, that won’t happen. Luckily, some generous folks from are making this wonderful contest: SNSD Signed Album Contest!! So, how to win the contest? Just do the steps below: said,
“How to win the album?

  • You must retweet/tweet/share on facebook Kpoplive posts.  The more posts you share, , higher the chances you can get picked. You can do this by scrolling to the end of our post.
  • Any 5 posts (which means 3 albums) will be chosen throughout the week, and from that post, a random tweet or facebook share will be chosen.
  • You must become a member of kpoplive, and join our twitter/facebook fan page.
1 album will be given to anyone who can advertise this new blog! How? Maybe connections with a popular kpop youtuber, fan forum admin friend, or basically someone who can tell a lot of people about their chance to win this album can help you receive a SNSD album. To participate in this matter, please e-mail:
The last prize will be given out randomly. If someone is spotted revealing our website on a random site whether it’s soompi/youtube/fan forum/anything kpop, they will receive the award. Yes, we do have features that can track referral links.”

“Star Star Star”. What kind of star would I get? Hopefully the Lucky Star!. So, let us be there and join this contest especially if you are a Kpop fan like me. Cheers and Good Luck ^_^ . Hwaiting SNSD!!


2 loyar baik..:

Jard The Great said...

matt??? blog kamu kiut.. org nya kiut tak? ehehe

Matt said...

terpulang pada kamu nak menilai saya kiut ke tak, haha!

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