A Special Item & “Maulidur Rasul”

Today, I gonna go to KL with my brother to Lowyat Plaza . For me, it’s time for preparation of my next job. While preparing, I stumbled upon a bag. Nearly one year don’t touch it. Already dusty here and there.
P2260544 (Large)
So, what so special about this bag?
P2260547 (Large)  P2260548 (Large)
Wow, it’s convertible. Cute & Cool right? Yeah, it’s true but that is not the main focus now. What I wanna talk about this:
P2260553 (Large) I almost forgot I bought that shirt. As the title says “Save Palestine”. I wonder what they are doing now, especially today is “Maulidur Rasul”. To whom who don’t know, “Maulidur Rasul” is a day to commemorate our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday. I gonna wear this kinda cute and wonderful shirt today.
P2260562 (Large)We in Malaysia are thousands times more lucky from the Palestinians. We should pity them as they are violated by the cruel Zionist regime day by day. We should thankful to our God, Allah for letting us to stay in this peaceful country. Also don’t forget to “Selawat” to our beloved Prophet Muhammad. Let peace upon us all.

O.K, don’t have much time now. About 4am, I’ll depart from here. I’m looking forward to see my beloved friend, Kayree a.k.a Xarine today at KL. See you guys and have a nice day ^_^


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DaHLia said...

selamat menuju ke KL dan bekerja di tempat baru... :)

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