A New Light of Hope

2010?¿! hmm i wonder what content it will have, as for me is a not so good start, but still plausible coz finally can get out of the not so responsible company. 2 Months worth of salary but still not receive it till now, of coz that make me and my ex-colleagues very furious. Hell what! One of the Boss bought a Ferrari during this difficult time and one more still has nerve to go Pilgrimage. This is definitely something suspiciously happen. Instead of using the money for personal matters like above, why don't just pay our outstanding salaries!!! Although reported to Labor Department (LD), this still don't resolve anything, as the big bosses keep avoiding calls from the LD Officer. I only want say this to them, "...just go down below my feet :@"

If nothing goes wrong, next month I will work at a new company but at a really different field and level. The pay is quite acceptable, plus its a permanent post. Minus because it is very far away from my hometown, but it feels good to be faraway once in a while right? I had enough with contract style of work (my previous job of coz). No guarantee of my future and development of my career. Well, I can say bye² to IT field, but i love it, so I will not abandon it completely. No worries guys :)

So, it would be vacation for a whole month. yay ^_^. Thats the good thing so far :)
Just watching my favorite anime series: Detective Conan and play PES2010.
Conan is great series. I recommend to u all. Fill with mysteries for every episodes. u gotta love it!

oh yes, it was the Anulus Sun Eclipse this afternoon right? I can't see it clearly because of the thick clouds. but still can see it on the TV. small matter only la..

ok, thats all so far. I hope for the best for me and for u too, my fellow readers :)

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