Announcement Lagik!! Tak abih2 ko nih!! Baca Tau!!

Hello all,

Before this, I announced that I’ll make this blog into dual language. However, I think I will not have much time after this to translate manually all those posts due to busyness of work. I’m starting to work you know!! My sweet holiday was over!!! But you can sure use “Translate Me!” to help you translate.

If you don’t know yet, this blog is still new, so need lots of improvement from time to time. Still, I need support from all of you whether moral or intellectual support. By visiting, this is consider a support too :) but I’ll be more thankful if you guy can leave a comment or two. Better still, suggest me any ideas, I’ll look up upon it.

To Dahlia, thanks for making SPECIAL EDITION post for me. I really appreciate it from bottom of my heart. I will always support you too. So, you guys should always visit her blog too.

O.K, straight to the point, I’ll do these things after this:

- Any of my posts will be in English or Malay or other languages. All depends on me haha -_-

- My other blog is seldom updated, so I’m thinking to import all posts from there to this blog, in Technology section, i think.

- Any improvement that I think is appropriate to do, without any notice given.

For the “Ultra Kawaii Contest”, I will postpone it till I got the idea what the contest is all about. Don’t worry la. Other minor contest will be around from time to time. So, stay tune la and visit always, OK!!

Thank you all!



Matt Leopardus

2 loyar baik..:

Khairi said...

wow, i am the cutest haha. :)

Matt said...

haha of coz la, much cuter than younger you :)

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